Pactimo Seeks Brand Ambassadors

January 21, 2014

Pactimo has launched a Brand Ambassador outreach program for the 2014 cycling season.

Are you an active, passionate cyclist who is excited about the Pactimo brand, culture and clothing?

Become a Pactimo Brand Ambassador and help spread the word about Pactimo, our culture and products to friends, colleagues and fellow cyclists. Demonstrate an inspired passion for the sport while representing a world-class cycling clothing company while on daily rides, at events or when riding with a group.

Selected participants will receive a start-up kit that includes a Brand Ambassador jersey and bibs, cycling cap, arm and knee warmers and personalized business cards printed with 30% off coupon codes that can shared with fellow riders and friends. (See the full list of perks here.)

Coupons will be tracked back to each ambassador and incentive awards, such as jackets and bibs, will be provided at pre-designated sales milestones. Ambassadors with the highest total dollar sales will be eligible to win an all-expense paid trip to the premier Colorado cycling event, the 2014 US Pro Challenge.

Cyclists interested in learning more about the 2014 Brand Ambassador Program can do so at http://www.pactimo.com/brand-ambassador/ 


Men's Brand Ambassador Cycling Kit

Women's Brand Ambassador Cycling Kit

2 thoughts on “Pactimo Seeks Brand Ambassadors

  1. Thanks so much for ambassador program. Love the idea! I did apply online, but haven’t received any notification that you did receive it. Just making sure that I didn’t press a wrong key…it was late when I applied.

    Thank you!

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