Jersey Trade-Up program nets over 100 participants. 

Pactimo’s Jersey Trade-Up program earlier this spring allowed cyclists to trade any brand or style of cycling jersey, new or used, for a 50% discount on a Pactimo jersey from the 2014 collection. The collection included men and women’s jerseys from each of Pactimo’s performance levels, as well as tops from the Triathlon line. 

“Being able to donate the used jerseys was one of the key components that drove us to establish the program,” said Tony Kelsey, Pactimo Director of Marketing. “Giving back is just something we believe in at Pactimo, and we were excited that we were able to find a terrific partner in The Bike Depot, who could put the traded jerseys to good use.”

The Bike Depot is a 501c3 non-profit bike shop whose mission is to develop bicyclists through programs, education and access. By promoting active and healthy living they increase access to bicycles, promote safe, bike-friendly environments, and advocate for policies that promote bicycle access and use. This is done through Earn A Bike (EAB) programs, community Fix Your Bike (FYB) hours, classes, special programs, and much more. 

“Bike Depot is the second home to a large community of bike riders that check in regularly to wrench on their bike and dig through the latest donations for sweet deals on good bike gear,” said Ryan Schutz, Executive Director, The Bike Depot. “The treasure trove of nearly-new jerseys that are donated through Pactimo’s Jersey Trade-Up program include some classic, rare event jerseys and a surprising number of unworn, high-end goods that are creating a buzz in the shop. Sales of these jerseys, like any other bike goods we sell, support our programs that put bikes into the hands of people that need them and give them the skills to keep those bikes rolling.”

Ryan Schutz Executive Director, The Bike Depot

With the overwhelming success of the program, Pactimo is not only planning another jersey trade-up, but is making plans to have jacket trade-up in the future as well. 

“Any opportunity to get our exceptional clothing into the hands of cyclists and donate to support organizations like The Bike Depot is a win-win for us,” said Josh Cook, Retail Brand Manager, Pactimo. “We were thrilled with the participation, even having people bring several jerseys to our office knowing they would only get credit for one jersey through the program. They just wanted to give back and were excited to know their old jerseys would be put to good use.”

Watch for future Trade-Up programs and help us build a bigger cycling community.

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The Bike Depot 2013 Year End Data (PDF)


The Bike Depot on Facebook

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Tony KelseyTony Kelsey has nearly 20 years marketing experience, previously serving as global vice president of creative for an international, $1B IT solutions consultancy. Although a self-proclaimed “mediocre” racer in high school, his intense passion for cycling and bicycles in general has never waned. Today he is marketing director at Pactimo and frequently writes about cycling as a sport and hobby. @tonykelsey

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