New Designer Kits from Leif Kruse

Evoking the beautiful colors of fall in Colorado, Leif Kruse’s new “Aspen” design is truly one-of-a-kind. Based on our Ascent line, the same Ascent cycling gear we manufacture for teams all over the globe, these jerseys, shorts and bibs have been designed, constructed and tested to exceed expectations in a variety of weather, road and trail conditions.

Painting and drawing are Leif’s mediums of choice and he’s been experimenting with them since early childhood. Leif’s father, Torsten Kruse, is his most influential mentor and a classical, historic maritime painter. Leif credits his father with nurturing his involvement in the arts from early on. Outside of art and his day job, road and mountain biking are Leif’s priorities. Just being outdoors in beautiful scenery is enough to calm his mind and inspire ideas.

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