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“Thank you for helping outfit the team with sweet Jerseys!” — Don (Florida) - July 2013

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Men's Summit Raptor PRO RFLX Bib Short

This is the bib that will keep you smiling on those 6+ hour rides. The Summit Raptor PRO RFLX Bib Short represents the ultimate combination of performance design, technical fabrics and premium components. Engineered with Pactimo’s proprietary Silhouette™ articulation to provide a superlative fit in your riding position. Flash coldblack® technology pushes heat and perspiration away from the skin while reflecting UV rays. The exceptional compression qualities of the Raptor fabric help to increase oxygen delivery to active muscles while in motion. U-panel design allows for large artwork and sponsor exposure. On top of all'll be amazed by the reflectivity of the fully-printable RFLX grippers. They literally "explode" when illuminated by car headlights!

These bibs include the 7.5cm reflective leg bands, making for a longer, more comfortable short that will not ride up or bind. (Riders wanting a shorter inseam may prefer the Summit Raptor Bibs with 4cm band at the leg openings.)

See our Side-by-Side Bib Comparison for more information.

  • - New for 2015!
  • - Schoeller–Eschler Raptor™ fabric with Flash coldblack® technology
  • - Schoeller–Eschler Exceed Super Opaque fabric in U panel
  • - Fully printable 7.5 cm RFLX reflective leg band grippers for maximum visibility
  • - Designed with Silhouette™ Articulation
  • - CyTech Endurance Anatomic 2 Carbon Flash chamois
  • - Breathable mesh uppers
  • - 100% flatlock stitching
  • - Contrast color stitching available
  • - Includes laundry bag
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    Technical Components


    The Summit Line is our finest apparel. Featuring Eschler fabrics and the finest Italian chamois available from CyTech. The unique design of the jersey with no side panels is made to hug your body when in race position. This is simply the finest custom cycling apparel you can buy.


    This item is good for weather 70° - 100° F


    New from Swiss manufacturer Eschler, Raptor™ is an extremely stretchable, soft, waterproof sport fabric composed of 66% Nylon/ 20% Polyester/ 14% Spandex. It not only naturally incorporates Flash hydrophobic “water-fearing” technology, but reduces heat build-up through coldblack® engineering. A complex double layer knit with Polyester inside and Polyamide outside allows for greater moisture management with high abrasion resistance. Added carbon fibers improve temperature management and cooling properties.

    Endurance Anatomic 2 Carbon Flash Chamois

    Endurance Anatomic 2 Carbon Flash Men's triple-density chamois has been engineered with a unique curved anatomic shape. Offering the all-way stretch of the Elastic Interface® Technology with a special high density foam throughout for maximum comfort and performance for 6+ hours in the saddle. A central channel relieves pressure from the perineal zone and provide maximum airflow. Carbon infused fabric reduces both heat and odor.


    Black on the outside, grey on the inside, this polyester hydrophobic “water-fearing” fabric pushes water and heat away from the skin. With the durability of nylon on exterior and the comfort of polyester on interior, this lightweight, breathable fabric is extremely flexible and Eco-friendly.


    coldblack® is a special finishing technology for textiles that allows dark textiles to no longer absorb, but reflect heat, thereby reducing heat build-up and providing reliable protection from UV rays. Learn More

    Silhouette™ Engineering

    Bibs engineered with Pactimo’s proprietary Silhouette™ technology will provide a superlative fit in your riding position. Innovative articulation, coupled with a unique strap and front panel design means you can enjoy longer rides with less material bunching, chaffing and discomfort. Learn More

    Exceed Super Opaque

    This extremely comfortable, performance fabric provides outstanding covering characteristics. Its compact density, durability and balanced multidirectional elasticity make it the ideal fabric to be employed in cycling clothing.


    Consisting of Pixel® fabric membrane from Plastotex, an innovative Italian manufacturer, the revolutionary RFLX™ fabrics have refractive elements impregnated directly into the cloth. When illuminated by exposure from direct light, such as a car’s headlights, RFLX “explodes” with brightness. But in daylight, the fabric appears like any other on the garment—and making it even more remarkable is the fact RFLX fabric is fully printable and submittable with your team’s colors or logos.