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“Just got the new women’s Summit RFLX jersey…whoa! This thing is so PRO! Whoa — way too pro for us, but damn, had to shout out about the fabric – super luxe. I’m impressed.” — Shannon (OR) - March 2015

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Unisex Summit Speed Cycling Skinsuit

This is the skinsuit of champions, constructed with Dimplex Flash Velocity, a super technical fabric incorporating the combined features of Dimplex, Flash and coldblack®.

Dimplex is the amazing, dimpled fabric used by Olympic athletes in cycling, speed skating, and track. The unique dimpling acts like the surface of a golf ball to create miniature air turbulence which improves aerodynamic efficiency, and has been wind tunnel tested as one of the world's fastest fabrics between 14 and 47 MPH. Flash, a hydrophobic fabric treatment, pushes excess moisture from the body, while coldblack® reflects heat and UV rays, proving to reduce body heat by as much as 4°. We like to say that this skinsuit literally has "all the bells and whistles," and we're confident you'll love the fit, feel and performance qualities. Now ride like the wind!

See our Side-by-Side Skinsuit Comparison for more information.

  • - TotalFit™ with Dimplex Flash Velocity
  • - CyTech E.I.T. Liege Carbonium chamois
  • - Eschler compression printable leg band
  • - Unisex
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    Technical Components


    The Summit Line is our finest apparel. Featuring Eschler fabrics and the finest Italian chamois available from CyTech. This is simply the finest custom cycling apparel you can buy.


    Pactimo TotalFit™ garments feature elastic panels and anatomical design made to work in concert with your body. Each panel has been made to provide optimal support for a competitive advantage. Learn More


    This item is good for weather 70° - 100° F


    Black on the outside, grey on the inside, this polyester hydrophobic “water-fearing” fabric pushes water and heat away from the skin. With the durability of nylon on exterior and the comfort of polyester on interior, this lightweight, breathable fabric is extremely flexible and Eco-friendly.


    coldblack® is a special finishing technology for textiles that allows dark textiles to no longer absorb, but reflect heat, thereby reducing heat build-up and providing reliable protection from UV rays. Learn More

    Dimplex Flash Velocity

    Dimplex Flash Velocity is a ultra-high performance fabric incorporating the combined features of Dimplex, Flash and coldblack®. Dimplex is the rough, dimpled surface of the moisture-wicking Lycra by Swiss manufacturer Eschler. Aerodynamically designed, it interrupts the airflow across the surface of the fabric to reduce drag and improve aerodynamic efficiency. The highly bi-elastic, lightweight fabric provides excellent muscle compression, improving performance and giving the athlete the impression of wearing a "second skin."

    E.I.T. Liege Carbonium Chamois

    E.I.T. Liege Carbonium is made in a special microfibre with Carbonium thread and has a futuristic design, developed to guarantee good protection thanks to its dual densities construction. It provides freedom of movement and excellent fit with its extremely soft side wings. Includes multi thicknesses, central channel in the perineal area and perforated foam for maximum ventilation. Another exceptional chamois from Italian manufacturer CyTech, creator of the unsurpassed Elastic Interface Technology®.