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“Everything turned out great. The bibs are comfy, comfy!” — Kevin (New Mexico) - November 2012

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Unisex Alpine Thermal Jacket

Never miss another training day because of the weather! Our flagship thermal outerwear for extreme cold and wet training rides features everything you need. This is one of those pieces that will last you several seasons. You may not use it often, but when you do you will love it. Or perhaps you will never need to ride the trainer again. For the most extreme conditions this piece will complete your winter arsenal against the elements.

See our Side-by-Side Jacket Comparison for more information.

  • - Heavyweight outerwear
  • - Italian Windtex fabric
  • - Two way locking zipper
  • - Wind/water resistant (light mist/road spray)
  • - Velcro sleeve closure
  • - Drawstring waist pull cord
  • - Thick fleece liner
  • - Extra long back panel to protect the seat area from moisture
  • - Extra large rear pocket with 3 zipper entries
  • - Fully printable double high collar with Milano fleece expansion tab
  • - Shoulder expansion vents
  • - Reflective piping
  • - Unisex
  • - Ideal for weather down to 20° – 40° F
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    Technical Components


    Alpine apparel is made from Stelvio, the finest Italian thermal fabric available. It is printable, light weight, water and wind proof.


    Milano is an Italian Miti® made micro fleece that is designed specifically for the competitive cyclist. This fabric removes moisture efficiently and has superior breathability. Garments made of Milano material have high compression value to enhance the contour of the fit and provide muscle support for athletic activity.


    This item is good for weather down to 20° - 40° F


    This item will perform well in windy conditions.


    Windtex is an Italian-made, light, stretch, heat regulating membrane which repels wind and water and maintains unaltered the microclimate between the skin and the fabric. As an incredibly light fabric it serves multiple functions, (comfort, breathability, wind and waterproofing).