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Custom Cycling Apparel Size Chart (Women)
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“I just wanted to let you know that my athletes are out racing in their new uniforms and posting some great results, and I’m getting great feedback about the quality of the new kits! I’m really happy to be able to offer all my athletes such a great quality product. I’ve been training is my own outfit too, and I’m very pleased with the fit and quality. Thanks for all your help in getting my order set up, it was a great experience working with you this year and I hope that we’ll be able to do business again!” — Land (South Carolina) - April 2012

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Men's Ultra-Lite Rain Jacket (Clear)

Tired of replacing your plastic rain jacket every season? Our Ultra-Lite Clear Rain Jacket is one that you will actually want to wear. It is made with breathable, stretchable and yes, waterproof fabric that is fully vented for increased breathability. You no longer have to feel like you’re wearing a garbage bag when the skies open up on your training ride. This jacket is lightweight, comfortable, and highly functional. It also packs up tight to fit nicely in your jersey pocket.

See our Side-by-Side Jacket Comparison for more information.

  • - Underarm Vents
  • - Fleece lined collar for comfort and thermal protection
  • - Reflective stripe on the back
  • - Easily packable in a jersey pocket
  • Ask Questions / See Samples

    or call 800.801.9869 for assistance.

    Our Lifetime Warranty - 100% Guaranteed

    Technical Components


    This item will perform well in windy conditions.

    All Seasons

    This item is good for all season wear.


    This item will perform well in rainy conditions.


    This 100% Nylon, TPU transparent water-repellent fabric is extremely lightweight (60g). Possesses exceptional stretch properties that make it perfect for use in rain gear that needs to pack tight and give superb weather protection.