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Custom Cycling Apparel Size Chart (Women)
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“A little feeback that you might appreciate. A local team recently folded and we were vying with a couple other teams for one of their very talented riders. We landed him and one of the reasons he gave for choosing us was simply that the other teams only had once a year clothing orders and couldn’t get him a kit in time for race season. Of course there were reasons beyond that… but our Pactimo relationship played a big role in helping us land a great new team member.” — Lynn - Tolero Racing - January 2015

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Women's Sport Shirt 2.0

Display your team colors and sponsors on this professional looking Sport Shirt, the perfect choice for events or before and after racing...or on the podium! Manufactured with the extremely durable Dynamik™ fabric for wicking comfort, the Sport Shirt is lightweight and this women's specific design has a tapered body, hardware-free collared neckline, euro length sport sleeves with 6cm wide arm band for comfort.

  • - Updated for 2016!
  • - Dynamik™ fabric for wicking comfort
  • - Hardware‐free collared neckline
  • - Women's specific tapered body design
  • - Euro length sport sleeves
  • - 6cm wide arm band
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    Technical Components


    This item is good for weather 70° - 100° F


    BreatheLITE is an supremely durable, lightweight performance mesh fabric with outstanding wicking qualities. It is especially noted for increasing comfort by providing a conforming fit while pulling heat and perspiration away from the body.