At Pactimo, we are dedicated to providing premium cycling and athletic team apparel for world champions, pros and elite cyclists worldwide.

But, what makes us different?

For a solid year we’ve experimented with a 4-week delivery model (our old model was 5 weeks). And we never missed a delivery! So, in 2016, we announced to the world that we will now produce custom clothing in 4 weeks…and just like before, we’ll back that up with an ironclad guarantee!

With clothing technology that includes the finest Swiss and German fabrics and Italian chamois, and the fact we own our factory and manufacturing equipment, you’ll get the most consistent sizes, colors and quality in the industry. We also pride ourselves on the fact that, unlike most of our competitors, we have a full line of women’s specific garments.

We not only invented the online team store concept, we continue to fine tune it all the time. Riders shop and order at leisure in the team’s customized store, and their gear is sent to the clothing manager for distribution.

We’ve always dared to be different. Today, we continue that tradition. Based on feedback from elite cyclists and teams, we continue to reengineer our products to increase performance and durability. You won’t believe the “explosive” reflectivity of our RT fabric included on Summit level bibs, and select inclement weather items, or how water literally bounces off the Storm Hybrid Jacket.

You’ll never be just another client to us, our personalized customer service model is unsurpassed in the market. Your account manager will always be the same person, who knows you and works in partnership with you on your first order, second order or twentieth order.

Those are five pretty big differences.

But don’t forget these…

See the custom product lines
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