Pactimo’s TotalFit™ garments feature elastic panels and anatomical design made to work in concert with your body in your riding position. Each panel has been made to provide optimal support for a competitive advantage. 


TotalFit™ for Competitive Advantage

Our TotalFit™ engineering ensures you get the very best fit for a superior athletic advantage. We use fabrics and design technology in concert to ensure a performance-enhancing, streamlined fit. 

Transfer-C™ is a lightweight, stretchable sport fabric utilizing 5% carbon material. It has been proven to reduce heat and odor.

Eschler PowerGrid™ is a 70% Polyester – 30% Spandex fabric designed to increase aerodynamics.

Matrix HC is Pactimo’s proprietary fabric designed with an industry leading 8 way omni-stretch construction. Matrix HC is designed to fit every contour of your body increasing aerodynamics while still increasing comfort. Did we mention it is lighter weight, too?

What a Customer Said:

“The summit speed jersey fits like cyclists ride. Most other jersey designs fit as if we ride standing upright. The summit speed jersey was designed for a cyclist in motion…not for standing still.” — George V.

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“Lori has been a pleasure to work with. She is very skilled in taking my caveman-like descriptions of color and design, and translating them into something that impresses me. She has been beyond patient with my many questions and revisions. In short, Lori is even more impressive than the quality of your jerseys. I may be demanding, but I also recognize excellence when I see it. Lori is doing an excellent job for Pactimo, and I wanted you to know it. “ — Lane, Fletcher Farley 1/6/2016

“The quality and fit of the garments is first rate, and I’ve received nothing short of impeccable customer service since I’ve started working with Pactimo.” — Mike, FLUID Company, 12/31/2015

“Pactimo is my favorite cycling wear. I try to wear Pactimo exclusively cause of the quality. I tell every cyclist I know to buy Pactimo. Pactimo is no doubt the best cycling gear and the best part is the quality. A friend of mine had a pair of bibs that a tear occurred in the stitching, Pactimo replaced it for free. That to me is worth every dollar spent when a company backs their product.” — Griggs, Police Unity Tour 12/17/2015

“The customer service we received was top notch. Our account manager, Sabrina, has absolutely exceeded our expectations. We couldn’t be more pleased. I believe our success story has already convinced one team to make the switch for their next kit order.” — Petticoat Assassins, 11/01/2015

“Initially things looked bleak in terms of receiving the jerseys in time for the Bike MS event. My poor organizational skills put you and my team in a bind. Nevertheless you and the Pactimo team and FedEx came through in spades! On behalf of Team MS Curitol, our sponsors and myself we are grateful for your amazing service and support!!!” — Dan - July 2015

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