Reflective Cycling Jerseys

Reflective Technology

Garments used in:
Outerwear and Winter Jerseys

Garments with Reflective Technology (RT) are developed with Pixel® fabric membrane from Plastotex, an innovative Italian manufacturer The revolutionary RT fabrics have refractive elements impregnated directly into the cloth. When illuminated by exposure from direct light, such as a car’s headlights, RT “explodes” with brightness.

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Silhouette™ Engineering

Silhouette™ Engineering

Garments used in:
Ascent and Summit bibs

Bibs engineered with Pactimo’s proprietary Silhouette™ technology will provide a superlative fit in your riding position. Innovative articulation, coupled with a unique strap and front panel design means you can enjoy longer rides with less material bunching, chaffing and discomfort. Warning:  bibs with Silhouette™ technology will feel completely different from any you’ve ever worn before. They are designed for riding — not standing.

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Garments used in:
Summit products

Black on the outside, grey on the inside, this polyester hydrophobic “water-fearing” fabric pushes water and heat away from the skin. With the durability of nylon on exterior and the comfort of polyester on interior, this lightweight, breathable fabric is extremely flexible and Eco-friendly.


Garments used in:
Majority of products in ContinentalSummit and Ascent lines

This term is used to describe Pactimo’s use of multiple fabrics in one garment to increase fit and performance. Special attention is used to match different fabrics and different panels within a single garment to offer a superior, anatomic fit.

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Garments used in:
Summit bottoms

Dark colors heat up stronger when exposed to direct sunlight compared to light colors. This no longer needs to happen! Now there’s coldblack®, a special finishing technology for textiles which reduces heat build-up and provides reliable protection from UV rays.

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Anti-Zipper Ripple

Garments used in:
Summit Speed Jersey

Jerseys featuring the anti-zipper ripple technology will have a shorter cut front, allowing for a skintight fit in the riding position. Not only does the design prevents excess fabric bulging, and thereby reduce discomfort and chaffing, it dramatically increases aerodynamics.