Our shorts and bibs are engineered utilizing fine Italian chamois, providing high levels of protection and comfort for a variety of riding conditions and distances. 

ELASTIC INTERFACE® is the Italian brand that gives its name to a wide range of hi-tech cycling pads, born towards the end of the nineties, laying the foundation for the CyTech company, created in 2000. Today, their thermo-formed anatomic pads with multi thicknesses and gel, are recognized as the best chamois in the industry.



It is common knowledge that the sitting position causes significant pressure on the gluteal, ischial and perineal area. But what is less well known is that there are other factors that can alter the pressure points. These factors include the position on the saddle, the type of bicycle (road, MTB and city bike) and gender. Data obtained in our laboratories confirms how even small alterations to the saddle position translate into improved symmetry in the down stroke, improved cycling output and reduced oxygen consumption at a constant wattage…


Bacteriostasis has always been a very important factor for Elastic Interface: being BACTERIOSTASIC is not the same concept as being ANTIBACTERIAL. An antibacterial treatment tends to eliminate all bacteria, including the kink that normally lives on the skin, however the presence of bacteria on the skin is essential for fighting the development of external and potentially pathogenic bacterial colonies…

We use the following CyTech Elastic Interface® chamois:

The CyTech Endurance Anatomic Men’s Carbonium chamois has been engineered with a unique curved anatomic shape. Offering the all-way stretch of the Elastic Interface® Technology with a special high density foam throughout for maximum comfort and performance. Endurance Anatomic Men has a central channel to relieve pressure from the perineal zone and provide better airflow.

Used in our Men’s Summit shorts and bibs.


CyTech Endurance 3 Carbon Flash chamois is the natural evolution of Elastic Interface® Technology’s popular Endurance pad for women. Incorporating a specially shaped central protective insert zone, and triple-density design, this new model has a smaller yet even more accurate protective area. Developed with a new generation of high density foams which not only provide excellent protection for long distance rides, but also a great fit designed just for women cyclists. Carbon infused fabric help reduce heat and odor.

Used in our Summit bibs and shorts for Women.


Men's Ascent Custom Cycling Apparel ChamoisThe Cytech E.I.T. Liege Carbonium Men’s chamois is made in a special microfibre with Carbonium thread and has a futuristic design, developed to guarantee good protection thanks to its dual densities construction. It provides freedom of movement and excellent fit with its extremely soft side wings. Includes multi thicknesses, central channel in the perineal area and perforated foam for maximum ventilation. Another exceptional chamois from Italian manufacturer CyTech, creator of the unsurpassed Elastic Interface® Technology.

Used in our Men’s Ascent bibs and shorts.


Women's Ascent Custom Cycling Apparel ChamoisThis CyTech Endurance 2 Carbonium women’s specific Italian Elastic Interface® chamois is one of the most advanced on the market today. Featuring a 100% antibacterial and hypoallergenic micropolyester designed according to women’s anatomy with a 10mm height. The different densities and special channels facilitate the evacuation of humidity.

Used in our Women’s Ascent bibs and shorts.


Super-Tri Chamois

Cytech Super-Tri pads have a special design developed to provide maximum performance and comfort for multi-sport athletes. Our perforated short insert with high density foam, provides maximum protection with a slim profile. Plus, Super-Tri pads, with all-way stretch fabric platform, guarantee total freedom of movement and excellent fit. To meet the needs of the wide range of multi-sport athletes, Elastic Interface® Triathlon pads have perforated foam for maximum breathability and fast dry.

Used in our Men’s and Women’s Mako Tri Suits.

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We also use the following TMF chamois:

Italian TMF cycling chamoisThe Italian-made TMF Sport-Level Chamois is our standard chamois designed specifically for competitive cycling. Constructed using hypoallergenic and bacteria resistant fabrics, this chamois will wick away moisture, ensuring comfort over long rides. Stitched terry wings provide additional protection. An exclusive hydrophobic blend ensures minimal water retention. Fine knit yarns offer improved coverage and longevity. Greater stretch and recovery provide superior fit.

Used in our Men’s and Women’s Continental bibs and shorts.