Circle the Summit

May 21, 2013

Circle the Summit / 6th Annual Bob Guthrie Memorial Ride
Summit County, Colorado
August 17, 2013 

Without a doubt, the Circle the Summit/Bob Guthrie Memorial Ride is your opportunity to experience some of the most beautiful and challenging cycling in Colorado. That’s why the USA Pro Cycling Challenge chose to come through Summit County for its inaugural ride, and why they’re returning this summer. The ride is not only difficult enough for professionals, but breathtaking enough to broadcast worldwide…and the local population supports cycling with a passion! 

This is a great, small ride. Capped at just 750 riders, you won’t be jockeying for position to keep your line on climbs or descents. It also means you can enjoy our wonderful scenery. Climb Ute Pass and the Gore Range is there in all its majesty; cycling along Ten Mile Creek to Copper or to the top of Vail Pass opens up even more vistas. Bike the Sapphire section of the Swan Mountain Recpath, funded in part through the efforts of Summit Biking, and you’ll be rewarded with an astonishing view of Lake Dillon and the surrounding mountains.

And, you’ll want to stop and add a stone to the cairn honoring the co-founder, Bob Guthrie, as you reach the top of the Lowery section.

But, it’s not just the jaw dropping views, past Circle the Summit riders rave about the aid stations and after-ride lunch from the Historic Mint Steakhouse.

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The Circle the Summit Ride, created by Avalanche Physical Therapy and Summit Biking, has been an influential private fundraiser to improve cycling in Summit County. Currently there are number of major efforts underway. These include:

  • Working with Summit County and CDOT to improve the bridges and repave the east side of the Vail Pass Recpath,
  • Construction of a new Recpath at Copper Mountain with the future goal of reaching Fremont Pass,
  • Creating a bicycle connection between Breckenridge and Blue River,
  • Working with Park County to explore an expansion of the existing Recpath over Hoosier Pass and,
  • Continuing to develop and expand a youth cycling program.

Who Was Bob Guthrie

Bob Guthrie, a gifted skier, biker, outdoors man, and adventurer, was a true Renaissance Man and community leader. His buoyant personality and “can do” attitude motivated many to ski a steeper slope, climb higher, and bike further. A passionate biker, it was Bob’s vision to develop a recreational path over Swan Mountain, linking the Dillon and Frisco paths around the lake. It was his inspiration and perspiration that led to the formation of the Swan Mountain Recpath.

Reared in Iowa, a radiation oncologist, founder of the Covenant Cancer Center in Waterloo and a former flight surgeon, Bob was an Iowa age-group state champion biker. He co-coordinated the Summit Biking Group which has grown to more than 300 riders. It meets each Monday beginning in June. Bob loved to teach spinning classes at the Silverthorne Recreation Center. 

Bob died tragically at A-Basin, February 15, 2008, doing what he loved best: skiing the trees in powder.

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We are pleased to be the custom cycling apparel provider for 2013.  We have developed both pro-level (Ascent line) and relaxed fit cycling gear, made from some of the very best European fabrics, with the serious cyclist in mind. Designs are specific to men and women. 

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