The new Bike Doctor 2.0 app for iPhone, iPad and Android might be pricey at $5, but it stands head and shoulder above similar apps.

Bike Doctor App ReviewWith easy to follow, step-by-step instructions the app is designed to helps cyclists both maintain and repair their road, hybrid and mountain bike. The guides for fixing various parts of a bike have been designed in a way that will equally appeal to novice and serious cyclists alike, and include detailed explanations and photos. 

It’s no surprise that the information is clear and concise since the app was created by Andreas Kambanis, writer and founder of the popular London cycling blog Kambanis said he developed the app after continued frustration with over-complicated bike maintenance manuals. One of the things Kambanis did to make the app extremely usable was to test the 42 guides on beginners, then refining them to make sure the information was easy to understand and that frequent pitfalls were avoided.

“I nearly gave up on maintaining my bike myself,” Kambanis said. “I decided there must be more cyclists like me out there who have tried and failed to follow other guidebooks. I created Bike Doctor to be an easy to follow guide that would always be available, whether you are out cycling or at home.”

Among the guides are common bike repairs such as punctures, squeaky brakes, routine lubrication and fixing your seat, as well as more advanced maintenance such as bleeding disk brakes. Also included are guides to avoiding punctures and completing a bike safety check.

Although $5 might seem like a small fortune for an app, cyclists who use Bike Doctor should theoretically be able to save a bundle of money on bike shop repairs. Plus they will gain a tremendous amount of experience and satisfaction from performing their own maintenance. And, how can you beat the fact that you can have a full-blown repair manual on your phone while you’re out on a ride!

While we are recommending the app as it is, being that it is far superior to any comparable app available, we do feel the addition of video guides would make the $5 investment a total no-brainer.

About Bike Doctor 2.0 

Bike Doctor 2.0 guides you through bike repairs on your iPhone, iPad and Android device. The instructions inside the app are designed to be easy to follow, even for bike maintenance beginners. The app includes 42 guides and covers everything from simple repairs such as punctures, to more advanced repairs such as adjusting gears. Bike Doctor was created by Andreas Kambanis and developed by Subthree Ltd.

Video walkthrough of Bike Doctor for the iPad:

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